Thriving Autistic Practitioner Onboarding

Everything you need to know to get started!

Thank you for joining our global team of autistic and neurodivergent professionals!

The core idea is to provide a supportive, nourishing space that we can do meaningful work in our community while working at our own pace. We'll grow together as a collective, working to our strengths, supporting each other with resources, experience, skillshare and peer supervision.

I appreciate that for many, the headache of marketing and admin along with isolation can be a barrier to practice. The vision here is to support each other to thrive while we're supporting the community.

This corner of the internet is a private space for us to complete the onboarding process to become an associate with Thriving Autistic. Once you join, you'll find a step-by-step checklist to help you get onto the systems and start accepting bookings.

If you have any difficulties with access, email [email protected]

See you inside!

Please Note: Thriving Autistic started as a Trading Name of Happy Healthy Mind Ltd - some content in this onboarding course will feature the HHM name and Logo. We are now a fully registered NonProfit entity THRIVING AUTISTIC CLG, Registered in Ireland May 2021, company number 695770

Your Instructor

Tara O'Donnell Killen
Tara O'Donnell Killen

Iā€™m Tara, founder of Thriving Autistic.

I've been fascinated with how our minds work, and how to help people thrive my whole life.

I hold a Masters in Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology, and have a background in psychotherapy and counselling. I've been supporting people 1-1, and in groups and workshops for over 25 years.

Being a parent to amazing, fantastic autistic children along with discovering my own neurodivergence as an adult has brought so much freedom and meaning to my life.

Thriving Autistic is firmly rooted in both the science of positive psychology along with the rights of all people to thrive. We embrace neurodiversity wholeheartedly, and appreciate that while challenges and difficulties do of course exist for those of us whose brains and sensory systems run different to the majority, we also have unique strengths that can serve us in overcoming challenges and finding ways to thrive in our lives

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